Preventive Medicine Students of the University completed internship in China

Eight (8) Preventive Medicine students visited Harbin Medical University (HMU – Harbin, Heilongjiang province) for internship from 5 to 15 January. We extremely glad to continue and extend cooperation between our universities.

During internship, students visited various departments and laboratories of HMU and attended classes in epidemiology, health care statistics, occupational hygiene, environmental hygiene, child and adolescent hygiene, maternal and child health care, toxicology, microbiology, food hygiene. Each department warmly welcomed our students.  

Along with HMU students, our students joined the discussion on current research topics relevant to Russia and China to further conduct a study and present the results on joint conference.

Students also enjoyed extracurricular activities: they visited Saint Sophia Cathedral, Central Avenue, Zhaolin Park, Sun Island, and Harbin Grand Theatre. Thanks to HMU students, there were no any problems with city orientation, public transport, buying food. They were always there to help.

  • The internship at Harbin Medical University gave me bright and pleasant memories

Valeriia Shugarova, 5-year student

  • It is an invaluable experience in preventive medicine

Valeriia Rondoleeva, 5-year student

  • Departments' officials warmly welcomed us and showed us the laboratory facilities for practical skills’ training…Huge thanks for the opportunity

Polina Khaptynskaya, 5-year student

  • This internship taught me valuable knowledge in public health and made me realise the importance of international exchange experience

Nilufarkhon Mukhiddinova, 5-year student


We express extreme gratitude to Harbin Medical University and looking forward to discover new opportunities for our students!