In 2012 the research activity of NWSMU named after I. I. Mechnikov was started in 9 different subjects approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Recently, the number of research subjects has been increased to 12. The University is also a participant of 3 scientific platforms.

Between 2011 and 2017  1 research institute, 9 research laboratories, the University Dental Research Centre and its own vivarium were established at the University.

Kashkin Research Institute of Medical Mycology is the Research Mycological Centre of the Russian Ministry of Health and the only institution in Russia where problems of mycology are addressed by a large team of researchers, doctors and professors. The Test Laboratory Centre carries out tests, examinations, measurements of various products, goods, materials, objects and environmental factors.

The Central Research Laboratory is a unique unit whose main objective is to give the young scientists the opportunity to realize their most ambitious ideas using modern laboratory resources. A special feature of the laboratory is its willingness to adjust new methods of laboratory science to the tasks proposed by young scientists. Genomic, immunological, high-performance chromatographic and ultrathin morphological methods are the most sought-after today. High-resolution methods allow young scientists to conduct research at the nanoparticle level determined in biological fluids and tissues of humans and laboratory animals under the guidance of experienced laboratory staff.

The priority result of scientific research of NWSMU named after I. I. Mechnikov is the creation of innovations that are implemented in practice, demanded by the market of medical services and providing a qualitative increase in efficiency. Over the last 5 years more than 106 innovations have been patented in the University, which are implemented in clinical, diagnostic, preventive and organizational work of medical institutions.

The results of scientific activities of the University staff were the basis for opening Small Innovative Enterprises: “Institute of Dentistry" and "North-Westen Medical Information and Analytical Centre" in 2014 as part of the innovation infrastructure development programme. In 2017, a Small Innovation Enterprise "Biological Safety" was opened.

Scientific research at the NWSMU is carried out jointly with more than 50 leading universities and research institutes in St. Petersburg, Russia and abroad, with 60 medical institutions and 25 pharmaceutical companies.

Since 2015 NWSMU has been coordinating the scientific and educational medical cluster of the North-Western Federal District - "The North" and initiating the development of scientific research on health problems in the Arctic. In 2015, a research laboratory for Arctic medicine was established at the University.

Creative and scientific cooperation with educational institutions in Russia and abroad is important for the development of the University's scientific potential. The International Office provides information and organizational support for international research projects and grants, as well as internships for students and staff of the University. NWSMU has implemented 45 international scientific and technological projects in cooperation with the leading scientific and educational healthcare institutions of Eastern and Western Europe, China, Japan and the USA. Annual internships abroad allow effective development of professional potential of students and teaching staff. The reception of foreign students has a positive impact on the formation of the international image of the University.

A major contribution to the organization of scientific work is made by advisory bodies: Scientific Problem Committees in the main areas of work, the Local Ethics Committee, and the Council of the Students' Research Society.



The versatile medical institution NWSMU named after I. I. Mechnikov has its own clinical base with a bed capacity of 860 beds.

The following clinics are part of the University:

Clinic named after E.E. Eichwald (Kirochnaya st., 41)

Clinic named after Peter the Great (Piskarevskiy pr., 47)

Center of Preventive Medicine (Zanevskiy pr., 1/82),

Kashkin Research Institute of Medical Mycology (Santiago de Cuba st., 1/28)

Center of Family Medicine (Prosveshcheniya pr., 45)

Dentistry Clinics (Paradnaya st. 2; Prosveshcheniya pr., 45; Piskarevskiy pr., 47, pavilion 24, 1 floor)

Medical Cosmetology Center (Prosveshcheniya pr., 45)

Children's Medical Center (Zanevskiy pr., 1/82)

Annually, the NWSMU clinics provide highly qualified medical care to more than 40,000 inpatients and 400,000 outpatients.

Medical services are provided by the most advanced high-resolution digital MRIs and CT scanners, angiography and X-ray equipment, cardiac mapping systems, expert-level ultrasound machines, and digital automated laboratory analysers.

The Department of Clinical Molecular Morphology, with a throughput of up to 1,000 samples per day, enables the most accurate immunohistochemistry and intravital morphodiagnostics studies.

A multidisciplinary medical centre for the differential diagnosis of lymphadenopathies plays an important role in the treatment and diagnosis process. A wide range of morphological examinations for the verification of oncological diseases, autoimmune diseases etc. are carried out in the Centre.