Faculty of General Medicine

Currently, the training at the Faculty of General Medicine lasts 6 years. Upon completion of the course, a graduate gets the qualification – Medical Doctor.

A graduate student of the Faculty of General Medicine is ready to carry out the following types of professional activities: prevention, diagnostics, therapy, rehabilitation, psychology and pedagogy, organization and management, research.

Dean of the Faculty:
Prof. Igor G. Bakulin 
Address: 195067, Saint-Petersburg, Piskarevskiy pr. 47, pavilion 33
Tel: (812) 303-50-00
E-mail: Igor.Bakulin@szgmu.ru

Secretary – Margarita A. Korolevskaya,
Tel.: (812) 303-50-00 (ext. 8545)

Chairs of the Faculty
Chair of Surgery named after V. A. Oppel
Chair of Foreign Languages
Chair of Latin Language
Chair of Medical Biology
Chair of Human Morphology
Chair of Normal Physiology
Chair of General Surgery
Chair of Operative and Clinical Surgery with Topographic Anatomy named after S. A. Simbirtsev
Chair of Otorhinolaryngology
Chair of Pathological Anatomy
Chair of Pathological Physiology
Chair of Propedeutics of Internal Diseases, Gastroenterology and Dietology named after S.M. Ryss
Chair of Russian Language
Chair of Forensic Pathology  
Chair of Traumatology, Orthopedics, and Field Surgery
Chair of Intermediate Therapy
Chair of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
Chair of Physical Education
Chair of Physiopulmonology and Thoracic Surgery
Chair of Geriatrics, Propaedeutics and Nursing Management


Faculty of Preventive Medicine

The main goal of preventive medicine is to prevent morbidity of the population, create favorable conditions for health preservation, and ensure sanitary and epidemiological well-being.

The Faculty of Preventive Medicine trains qualified doctors - hygienists, epidemiologists, bacteriologists.

Upon completion of the course, a graduate student gets the qualification of Medical Doctor in Preventive Medicine.

Dean of the Faculty
Prof. Olga V. Mironenko
E-mail: Olga.Mironenko@szgmu.ru
Address: 195067, Saint-Petersburg, Piskarevskiy pr. 47, pavilion 33

Secretary – Farida A. Milusheva 
Tel.: (812) 303-50-00, ext. 8532 и (812) 543-97-13

Chairs of the Faculty
Chair of Biological and General Chemistry named after V. V. Sokolovskiy
Chair of Food Hygiene
Chair of Hygiene of Educational, Training, and Labor Conditions, and Radiation Hygiene
Chair of Community Hygiene
Chair of Medical informatics and Physics
Chair of Medical microbiology
Chair of Occupational Health
Chair of Public Health Preparedness and Disaster Medicine
Chair of General and Military Hygiene
Chair of Public Health and Healthcare Management
Chair of Preventive Medicine and Health Care
Chair of Social and Human Sciences, Economics and Law
Chair of Public Health, Economics and Healthcare Management
Chair of Toxicology, Extreme and Diving Medicine
Chair of Epidemiology, Parasitology and Disinfectology
Chair of Expertise of Temporary Disability and Quality of Medical Care


Faculty of Pediatrics

The main objective of the faculty is to protect health of the younger generation, starting from antenatal, perinatal and adolescence, using the wealth of experience, knowledge and skills of our specialists.

Dean of the Faculty:
Prof., Doctor of Medical Sciences Ekaterina. I. Kakhiani
Tel: (812) 303-50-00
E-mail: Ekaterina.Kakhiani@szgmu.ru

The Dean’s Office:
Address: 195067, Saint-Petersburg, Piskarevskiy pr. 47, pavilion 32; Zanevskiy pr. 1, 3rd floor, ent. 8

Dean’s Assistants:
Prof., Doctor of Medical Sciences Alexander M. Kulikov, tel. (812) 303 -50-00, ext. 2381
Associate Prof. Tatiana A. Dudnichenko, tel.: 8 (921) 555-81-85

Secretary - Olga A. Fortuna, tel.: (812) 303-50-00, ext. 2381, (812) 303-50-18

Chairs of the Faculty
Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology named after S. N. Davydov
Chair of Pediatric Neuropathology and Neurosurgery
Chair of Pediatric Traumatology and Orthopedics
Chair of Pediatric Surgery
Chair of Pediatrics and Pediatric Cardiology
Chair of Pediatrics and Neonatology


Faculty of Dentistry

The main objective of the faculty is to train qualified medical personnel, proficient in advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies, and able to keep up with the times and achieve the best results.

Dean of the Faculty:
Associate Prof., Doctor of Medical Sciences Elena. A. Satygo
Tel: (812) 579-91-79
E-mail: Elena.Satygo@szgmu.ru

The Dean’s Office:
Piskarevsky pr. 47, pavilion 32, 2nd floor, room 7

Dean’s Assistant: Olga I. Medvedeva
Tel: 303-50-00 ext. 8506.
E-mail: Olga.Medvedeva@szgmu.ru

Secretary – Maria A. Makshakova
Tel: 303-50-00 ext. 8627.
E-mail:  Mariya.Makshakova@szgmu.ru

Chairs of the Faculty
Chair of Pediatric Dentistry
Chair of Orthodontics
Chair of Orthopedic Dentistry
Chair of General Dentistry
Chair of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Dental Surgery named after A. A. Limberg


Faculty of Surgery

The faculty provides additional professional training (advanced training, vocational retraining) for specialists in surgery as part of primary specialization, general and subject-specific improvement, and vocational retraining in accordance with the Charter of the University.

Dean of the Faculty:
Vyacheslav P. Zemlyanoy
Tel: (812) 275-19-14, 545-47-54
E-mail: decsurg@maps.spb.ru

Scretary – Olga A. Fortuna
Tel: (812) 303-50-18

Chairs of the Faculty
Chair of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care named after V. L. Vanevskiy
Chair of Neurosurgery named after Professor A. L. Polenov
Chair of Emergency Medical Care
Chair of Oncology
Chair of Ophthalmology
Chair of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery   
Chair of Cardiovascular Surgery
Chair of Traumatology and Orthopedics 
Chair of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine
Chair of Urology
Chair of Surgery named after I. I. Grekov
Chair of Surgery named after N. D. Monastyrskiy
Chair of Endoscopy


Faculty of Internal Diseases

Chairs of the faculty widely use advanced forms of education aimed at intensification of teaching and promotion of the latest achievements of medical science.  In recent years, electronic methods of education, distance learning technologies, and simulation-based training have been actively used.

Dean of the Faculty:
Konstantin I. Raznatovskiy
Tel.: 303-50-19

Secretary – Tatiana N. Vasilieva
Tel.: 303-50-19, e-mail: Tаtуana.Vasileva@szgmu.ru

Chairs of the Faculty
Chair of Dermatology and Venereology
Chair of Infectious Diseases
Chair of Cosmetology
Chair of Advanced Therapy and Cardiology named after M. S. Kushakovskiy
Chair of Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine
Chair of Neurology named after Academician S. N. Davidenkov
Chair of Osteopathy
Chair of Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine
Chair of Psychotherapy, Medical Psychology and Sexology
Chair of Pulmonology
Chair of Family Medicine
Chair of Therapy and Rheumatology of Temporary Disability and Medical Care Quality Expertise named after E. E. Eichwald
Chair of Internal Diseases, Clinical Pharmacology and Nephrology
Chair of Physiotherapy and Medical Rehabilitation
Chair of Endocrinology named after Academician V. G. Baranov
Chair of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Chair of Regional Healthcare System Development


Faculty of Biomedicine

The training process is carried out in medical institutions, research centers, laboratories and polyclinics of St. Petersburg. Chairs of the faculty organize courses on relevant issues of medical science and provide postgraduate training for nursing staff. 

Dean of the Faculty:
Anton V. Kozlov
Tel.: (812) 275-19-01, e-mail: Anton.Kozlov@szgmu.ru

Secretary – Irina V. Nikityuk
Tel.: (812) 303-51-22

Chairs of the Faculty
Chair of Clinical Mycology, Allergology and Immunology
Chair of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics
Chair of Radiation Diagnostics
Chair of Radiation Diagnostics and Radiation Therapy
Chair of Medical Genetics
Chair of Pedagogy, Philosophy and Law
Chair of Functional Diagnostics