Specialist's programmes

Spetsialitet programmes

The spetsialitet also includes 6 educational programmes implemented in Russian and 1 programme partly implemented in English.


225 clinical practice bases                64 foreign partner universities

  • Practical classes and training during practical training at clinical bases of the university (more than 50 bases), in research institutes, laboratories

  • Opportunity to undergo practical training /internship in medical organizations in different countries (more than 30)

  • Opportunity to engage in research work, participate in scientific and practical conferences, publish the results of your own research in print media

  • Work on unique equipment that provides conditions for increasing the efficiency and quality of professional training of medical workers

  • Participation in exchange programs with partner universities in Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, China, Latvia, Norway, Serbia, Turkey, Finland, Croatia, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, Japan, etc.

  • Participation in social activities, volunteer movements, sports and cultural and creative work

  • Possibility to choose an individual trajectory of postgraduate vocational education