International students of our University became the best at the VII meeting of the "International School of Surgeon"

From 2022 our International School of Surgery master their skills in surgical manipulations day by day even at nights and holiday times. They have already taken part in 21 Olympiads and performed 1000 surgical assignments.

The VII session of the "International School of Surgeon" with the participation of our international students was held from April 8 to 14 at the Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University.

During the meeting, international students of our University, as well as Sechenov University, Ulyanovsk State Medical University, I.N. Ulyanov Chuvash State Medical University participated in competitions, exchanged ideas and gained incredible experience.

At the end of the meeting, in the team competition, international students of our University took 1st place!

Bandaging and splinting – 1st place;

Abdominal surgery – 1st place;

Cardiac Surgery – 1st place;

Surgical knot tying – 2nd place.

We are confident of the way that Simbirtsev Department of Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy chose to make our students professional surgeons demanded in countries worldwide.

We wish our international trainees success and many new victories! You are the best in the country!