NWSMU Surgical Team is the 2nd place winner of M.I. Perelman’s International Students’ Olympiad in Surgery

Annual M.I. Perelman’s International Students’ Olympiad in Surgery was taking place from 10th to 16th of April 2023 in I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. The stunning fact, that this Olympiad has been organized since 1988 is considered one of the most prestigious events in the area.

We should kindly remind that Mechnikov’s NWSMU Surgical Team has become the best team among 11 Russian Universities in February 2023 by the results of Regional Round of the Olympiad.

26 best medical students’ teams participated in the Final round of the Olympiad, while Mechnikov’s NWSMU was represented by 56 students and residents, who were competing in different areas of surgery.

This year NWSMU boasted the achievements of our 3rd-year international students, who participate in the “International School of Surgeons” and took part in such fields of the competition as bandaging, abdominal surgery, cardio-vascular surgery and periodontal surgery. Thanks to our international students’ devotion and strive to expertise, they are also the 2nd place winners.

We sincerely congratulate Ibrahim Reda Ahmed Ali Mahgoub (365A), Larara Hocine Saber (365B). Boumediene Cerine (365B), Mahdi Mansoor Mohamed Masoor (365A), Cao Hongzhen (365A), Precious Akeyrabor (365A) on their stunning achievements. We are also sincerely grateful to the tutors and mentors of NWSMU Surgical Team.

Here is a feedback to the Event by one of NWSMU International students:

“First, I am very happy to have such professor like Dr. Tatarkin (Department of topographic anatomy) and Dr. Anna Sokolova, they are very good and helped us so much and gave us very big chance to be participated in final Olympiad in Moscow in University of Sechenov and Russian students…encourage  us and support us with kind and lovely way. And the results:

1 - Sechenov [University];

2 – Mechnikov [University];

3 – Pirogov [University];

And for English the same [results]…We are really happy to study here with very kind teacher and high level with professional skills”